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I was in my closet and I found like a poster tube, it had writing on it saying 'direction maps'

Well, I opened it up and it was an old Labyrinth movie poster! Still in great condition.

We actually have a small collection of movie posters including Matrix, Batman Returns, 101 Dalmations (live action) and some others.

Methinks we need to get some frame and hang some of them. They're all really nice and still in good quality.
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Wtf. agh.

So, I got summoned for federal jury duty. Well, I have to call a number after 5pm to find out if I have to go in the following day. I called over the weekend and the auto thingie told me yes I had to go on.

Then I got a voicemail Saturday morning saying my schedule got changed from Monday December 1 2008 to Wednesday December 3 2008 (err..what?). But when I called the auto thingie it was still telling me I was sheduled for Monday.

Of course, they are not opened on the weekends so I can't call and talk to anyone.

-wake up at 8am to call and ask for claification
- They tell me to call back at 10:45 and the case may still be at 12pm. I live outside the city so it may take longer to get there... she says I would probably get there okay.

-Sit around bored and tired.
-10:45 call back, say I'm calling to check on jury duty and before I even give my name she says I'm not needed today, remember to call after 5pm to check about tomorrow.

Arghhh. Making me wake up early for no reason...
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Heck yeah, have I gotten lucky or what?

It snowed, so roads have been icey. I was supposed to start school this past Monday (MW classes) but because of ice it got closed.

Then closed Tuesday
Then closed Wednesday (yay!)
Then closed Thursday
Now I just got a mail saying that no classes Friday or Saturday.

Oh, also, next Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. holiday so..campus closed!

So now I don't go back to school until next Wednesday. I've gotten an extra week and half off, yesssss.
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First time in some 400 years to have winter solstice and lunar eclipse and...I can't see anything. Too cloudy. And to make it worse, the clouds aren't even moving, so there's no chance of me seeing through a break in them. They're just sitting there.

I miss every single space event. I go outside and look and see..nothing.

Very very sad. This shouldn't happen again for another 100 years or so. =/

Why can't I ever enjoy these type of events? Watching video stream or looking at other people's pictures is not the same as seeing it outside with your own eyes. >.< lame
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VAMPS 2010 Las Vegas

Okay, I completely fail at writing reports but here goes anyway:

Collapse )

Collapse )

Setlist courtesy of Bebe can be found here.

Other Stuff:

After the show I went to my room real quick to clean up and then wandered around MGM casino. I ran into some other fans, but not the band. I did have some guy follow me through the casino and to the food court. Said he was bored and would keep me company. I left him at the food court, thankfully I did not run into him again after that.

Other people did run into the band. One girl had met Ju-ken around 5am at a slot machine Tuesday morning. Some other girls got to chat with Kaz for a bit, and got pictures with him. I saw pictures of two girls with Hyde on facebook.

I didn't run into anyone, but because of jetlag I really had a hard time staying up all night. 2am there was like 5am my time, and I had to get up early Wednesday.

I am bruise free, happily. I did get elbowed in the shoulder a few times by Thalia, but no harm done. The crowd really wasn't that rough.

I got to meet several people from the forum, which was awesome.

I am, however, now sick. Thankfully, my throat doesn't hurt today but I'm still all sniffle-y.

ETA: I forget to mention, one of the girls (Masayo, I think) said that at one of the Cali shows she ran into the band at Walgreens. How random! lol
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I will eventually get around to writing about Vegas and the show. But I will say that there was no barricade so we were all right up against the stage and I got to touch Hyde many times. He has a soft tummy.

Of course, I am now SICK! I got sick after last year's show also.
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I got my drivers license! Scored an 88.

My picture is horrific though. Seriously, it's really bad.

The lighting and the way I have my hair pulled back makes my hair look dirty and bleh. The whole picture is just..terrible. And I'm stuck with it for 8 years, lmao.
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Heh, my mom is looking at mugshots for people in our county and she found one of our neighbors! Arrested for shop liifting, giving false name/information, and having some kind of item that could be used for crime.
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My cat just came home. She's been gone around 2 months, so I thought maybe she was gone for good. Last time I saw her she wouldn't even come in side, and ran from me.

She's inside now, and ate a bit. She is currently walking around the house, so she'll probably go out soon. But it is nice knowing she's still alive.