tokio (pixielore) wrote,


August 23, 2010 8pm: Rest in Peace, Oliver.


My sister's cat just died. It was so sudden. I heard my mom yelling his name, then my sister. I thought they were just trying to get him to get on the couch. I went down to see and my mom was laying him on the kitchen floor and gave him mouth-to-mouth. I ran down to help and gave him mouth-to-mouth while my mom tried to find the phone. He's gone.

My mom said he was sleeping behind the couch and started growling. He's been freaking out lately, my mom thought he was just having nightmares. She went to get him and he didn't respond. We tried saving him, and it seemed like he started shaking for a moment (kind of like purr shake) so I thought he'd have a chance. Then nothing. So fast, he's just gone. No warnings, nothing. He wasn't avoiding us and the other cats weren't avoiding him so there was no warning of him being sick.

Awhile ago (9 months?) he had worms, including a wolf worm. We force fed and medicated him, he got better. He was fine until recently when my mom said he would randomly freak out, like nightmares. Now my mom thinks he might have been having seizures. Wolf worms can get into the brain and cause damage.

We took his body to the vet and filled out the papers to have him cremated. Rest in peace, Ollybear. Love you.
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