October 10th, 2010

HydeVamps [credit: me]NoTake!!

VAMPS 2010 Las Vegas

Okay, I completely fail at writing reports but here goes anyway:

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Setlist courtesy of Bebe can be found here.

Other Stuff:

After the show I went to my room real quick to clean up and then wandered around MGM casino. I ran into some other fans, but not the band. I did have some guy follow me through the casino and to the food court. Said he was bored and would keep me company. I left him at the food court, thankfully I did not run into him again after that.

Other people did run into the band. One girl had met Ju-ken around 5am at a slot machine Tuesday morning. Some other girls got to chat with Kaz for a bit, and got pictures with him. I saw pictures of two girls with Hyde on facebook.

I didn't run into anyone, but because of jetlag I really had a hard time staying up all night. 2am there was like 5am my time, and I had to get up early Wednesday.

I am bruise free, happily. I did get elbowed in the shoulder a few times by Thalia, but no harm done. The crowd really wasn't that rough.

I got to meet several people from the forum, which was awesome.

I am, however, now sick. Thankfully, my throat doesn't hurt today but I'm still all sniffle-y.

ETA: I forget to mention, one of the girls (Masayo, I think) said that at one of the Cali shows she ran into the band at Walgreens. How random! lol