May 16th, 2011

HydeVamps [credit: me]NoTake!!

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Wtf. agh.

So, I got summoned for federal jury duty. Well, I have to call a number after 5pm to find out if I have to go in the following day. I called over the weekend and the auto thingie told me yes I had to go on.

Then I got a voicemail Saturday morning saying my schedule got changed from Monday December 1 2008 to Wednesday December 3 2008 (err..what?). But when I called the auto thingie it was still telling me I was sheduled for Monday.

Of course, they are not opened on the weekends so I can't call and talk to anyone.

-wake up at 8am to call and ask for claification
- They tell me to call back at 10:45 and the case may still be at 12pm. I live outside the city so it may take longer to get there... she says I would probably get there okay.

-Sit around bored and tired.
-10:45 call back, say I'm calling to check on jury duty and before I even give my name she says I'm not needed today, remember to call after 5pm to check about tomorrow.

Arghhh. Making me wake up early for no reason...