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I just can't win

Religious people are after me this semester!

Remember I made a post before about hiding from the She-God religious lady?

Well, I had been taking up refuge in the computer lab in the other building. One of my classmates (the girl who sits in front of me) found me in there and was chatting with me. I mentioned I was hiding from the She-God lady.

Turns out this classmate is also all super religious and went on about how She-God lady was wrong and you gotta know Jesus and so on.

And she mentioned something about getting me some bible to read.

So now I'm back in the library hiding from my classmate!

Of course, she can catch me in class, but as soon as class ended I took off like a bat out of hell before she could say anything.

I have nothing against anyone's beliefs but I wish they would keep them to themselves!
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I saw this on blackholly's journal. She's a writer for those of you who aren't familiar.(The Spiderwick Chronicles and others)

Apparently she and someone else are coming out with some anthology book thing based off their blog debate. And that brings us....

Zombies vs. Unicorns

Vote vote vote!

I'm on Team Unicorn!
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Someone send backup! We're being invaded!

My hangout spot has been invaded.

Enemy: A small asian women with a religious agenda.

Location: School Library

Back story: Last week this lady asked if she could has me one question. I thought it would be a school related question so I gave her the okay. She asked some question about females and God. Then she went into this lecture thing where she pointed out that God mentions a female counterpart (created in OUR image male and female) and some bride and blahblah. Basically, she's saying there is a male and female God. Great.

Well, I couldn't really understand her so when she asked for my contact info I thought she wanted it so she could send me some e-brochure or whatever. Nope, she wanted it so we could schedule to meet up and chat in the future. Damn.

Well, she sent no email so I took that as a good sign.

Saw her in the library today. She was talking to someone else. I speed walked out the door hoping she didn't see me.

"Tokio! Tokio!"

Too late! I was caught! She came running after me, and she remembered my name. I had to make up some lie that I was looking for a computer because I had to work, sorry can't chat today. Now I'm hiding in the computer lab in one of the class buildings.

So now I have to avoid the library for the rest of forever. D:< I'm going to miss chatting with the security guard.

WANTED: New hangout spot
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School starts tomorrow! Not happy.

I ride public transit so that means:

A) I have to wake up earlier to give me travel time (maybe 5:30? Class starts at 9am)
B) I have to wait outside in the FREEZING COLD. It's apparently the worse winter we've had in several years? I'm going to be colllddd.
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I was born in the wrong era

What's with all the sucky music for New Years??!!?!

Where are all the rockstars?!

Most of the music seems kinda slow-ish...not party music. Blegh.


Omg, don't tell me they are all old and retired now?! Robin Thicke cannot be our future! NEED MORE ROCKSTARS! (good ones..someone bring back the 70s/80s)

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Updates updates updates

Hello lovers, how's life?

Finals are over so now I can rest! Though, I still need to register for next semester. I hate school! I'll have to take calculus over summer semester (concert season!) before I can transfer to a 4 year college next year. Sucks.

My parents went shopping today and they decided to give my sister and I an early gift. We each got a pair of stripey knee-high socks. Mine are blue.

Also, I got a $50 gift card from my grandparents. I'm really thinking of buying this bag and having a zipper added to it. (I talked to her and she said it would cost $10 more to add one).

However, it's difficult for me to spend money. I'm always afraid that I'll regret it and wish I saved the money for something else. Because of that I hardly buy anything! I have such spending guilt, it's killer.

Christmas is coming I still haven't heard any news about a VAMPS in USA Concert DVD. I thought for sure they would release it before Christmas (or at least have it up for order) but noooooo. Not even any news about it, wtf. It's like they dropped off the face of the earth.

Speaking of DVDs, my mom bought the new Harry Potter DVD. Sadly, she only bought the 1-disc so it has no extra features. Very sad.
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My sister's cat seems to have tapeworms(?). He's vomiting them up.

I looked it up briefly and it seems like when they get to this stage - of throwing up worms - it means they have a pretty bad infection. Our cats hunt so he probably got them from something he killed.

Now he's locked in my sister's bathroom all night and has to go to the vets in the morning.

Hopefully none of the other cats are infected! (and hopefully we won't get infected!)

My sister's cat (Oliver) and one of our other cats (Gizmo) always seem to have some type of problem. I swear, it seems every month or so we're treating one of them. Open wound, broken tail, bad ear infection, more open wounds, stretched nerve..and now worms.
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omg no


I'm in the VAMPS Photobook. A bad bad picture.

I don't have the book, but someone thought this person was me so they sent me a pic of the page. OMG. It's so bad.

It's a picture of me, after the concert, sitting on the filthy concrete. My hair is a mess and wavy from water being poured on me. The picture is only the back of me though. In a white shirt with a bathing suit underneath.

And of course it isn't a small picture. Noooo, it's a whole page!

I'm cemented in VAMPS history with messy wavy hair, all hot, wet, sweaty and tired! How awful. Agh.

I'm sure they took a billion pictures of everyone, and for some reason they chose that picture to take up that page.

Somebody needs to be fired~

Seriously, it's embarrassing. Ew.
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